It all started with…

… a dream built on passion for the sea.

Brødr. Remø can look back on ancestors who have been seafarers, whale hunters, fishermen and sealers. This is why Brødr. Remø boast much knowledge of not only fisheries, but also the importance of how the ocean affect their products aswell as the environment. The passion for sales and production of seafood was inherited from their mothers side who were the manager of a grocery store.


Grandfather of the current owners, Severin Fiskerstrand, moved in his youth to the United States due to bad times in Norway and a hope to realize "The American Dream". Due to obvious difficulties pronouncing Severin over-seas, he became known as only "Sam" or "Sammen". "Sam" spent ten years as a fisherman fishing salmon on the west coast and "The Great Lakes" up North. During this period he gained a lot of knowledge about the ocean, and how to best utilize its resources. Eventually he began to develop a spark, a dream, to build something by himself. He made a plan based on fisheries and fish production in Norway, and how he could apply what he had learned in America to create something new and unique in Norway. This, combined with a desire to move back to familiar and beloved, made him head towards norways high mountains and blue fjords in 1918.


In 1923 "Sammen" built a fisherman's storage and a dock that would provide the family farm and retail store with food and fishing gear for sale and distribution. Little did he dream that "Sambu," which the fisherman' storage later became known as, once would be distributing high quality salmon worldwide.


"Sambu" was in the first part of its life used as premises for packing and icing of fresh fish which were later sold to all over the continent. As the years passed and the company developed, Severin began catch and salting of fish from Borgundfjorden and the fishing banks off mid-Norway. However, the markeds sought not only taste and quality, but also increased durability. This led to Severin gradually developing various prescriptions and methods of processing which ensured both unique taste and quality. This led to new markets and opportunities being made available, including exports of clipfish to both southern Europe and South America.


The third generation Remø took over Sams operations in 1985. They decided to change the main focus from whitefish and fisheries to the production and processing of salmon. The dream and desire was to add value to the products through prescriptions and methods Severin acquired and composed the time he fished salmon in the United States.

Thus, thanks to our history and experience, we can proudly present products worthy of any occasion, made using 100 year old methods and prescriptions.