About us


Brødr. Remø is located at the idyllic coastline of Fiskerstrand, Møre og Romsdal. Only half-an-hour away, we find Ålesund; The town with one of the largest and most important ports for export of marine and fishery products.

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Back in 1923 a man named Severin Fiskerstrand chose to utilize the resources of the sea. Over the generations, the last name Fiskerstrand became Remø, and today it is the third generation Remø developing further the processing based on quality, tradition and a good portion of passion.

Norwegian nature has all the right conditions help us build a quality brand. Its cold, clear fjords create ideal growth environment for salmon and other seafood. This, combined with experience and history, is why we and our customers can proudly present our products at any occasions worldwide.


Innovation is imperative for further development, and we want to be seen as an intereseting and unrestrained manufacturer regarding development of new products, processes and new oportunities. Therefore, our aim is to always have a balanced mix consisting of traditional as well as innovative seafood products.

Our modern production equipment and quality control systems have been approved by the FSA, under the rules for seafood products. We have a strict quality control system including laboratory tests, ensuring the highest quality of all our products throughout the production process.