Quality, tradition and a good portion of passion.


Proximity to knowledge, and pure raw materials.

Brødr. Remø is located on the idyllic coast of Sunnmøre, more specifically
Fiskerstrand. Only half an hour away, we find Ålesund; The city with one of the 
largest and most important ports for export of fishery products from Norway. 
The cold and clear fjords create an ideal growth environment for salmon 
and other seafood, and an opportunity for us to present products of 
"the red gold" Norway is globally known for.


Dedicated employees.

Our dedicated and experienced staff is what defines our company and products. 
Together we strive for the highest possible efficiency and quality, and this is 
why it is important that all of our employees feel taken care for and have faith in 
their expertise.


Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our business.

We do not use injection or any kind of artificial substances in our production. Passion for
the profession and time is what we consider crucial for a good product.  At our company, it 
is important to combine the traditional and contemporary ways.


Innovative twist on tradition.

Just as our traditional recipes and methods are important, innovation is also
a central part of Brødr. Remø. We want to be a manufacturer that challenges established
seafood products and processes. Our goal is that our customers look at us as innovative,
knowledgeable and the preferred quality supplier of fish and seafood products.


Quality, quality, quality.

Modern production equipment and quality control systems guarantee tracking,
safe production and uninterrupted cooling / freezing chain throughout the process friom
production to the consumer. We constantly try to renew ourselves when it comes to
equipment, expertise and the process itself to maintain this.

High expectations towards our suppliers and ourselves, as well as broad experience
in traditional processing methods, is a red thread. Every day our goal is to deliver
quality that you and we should be proud to present.