Sashimi-cut, normalslice ​​or whole fillets?

The Sashimi – cut leads to decreased wastage than the normalslice variant. The Sashimi-sliced will not be “lumped together” on a plate.

The fillet does not need to be garnished on a plate, which can be time consuming with normal slices. The Sashimi-cut comes “ready-to-serve”. The plate looks just as elegant as it did before the guests helped themselves.

Also, by dividing the fillets lengthwise one can easily double the number of serving pieces, dropping the consumption pr. guest significantly.

Normal slice; the standardized cut. Costwise this product is not as effective as the Sashimi-cut. However, it gives you more freedom around all aesthetic aspects of the dish.

Whole fillet. Fillets cut by the establishment themself often brings with it an impression of exclusivity and high standard.